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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Log in or Sign up. Have a gambling question? Post it here and our gambling experts will answer it! Welcome to the 1 Gambling Community with the best minds across the entire gambling spectrum. Feb 16, Likes: Gambler, bikini contest judge, and lounge rat Location: My advice right now is simple, stay away from Indian casinos and Indian gaming reservations.

As I continue to research Indian casinos further and talk to more and more people, the lack of state oversight and regulation is horrifying. However, I will provide the general consensus. This is where some of the ambiguity sets in for Indian gaming. Indian casinos do not have to abide by state mandated regulations because their reservation is not controlled by the state.

They only have to answer to the Tribal Gaming Counsel which is composed of fellow Indians. Yes, they check this out self-regulated. Boy, that really makes me feel confident. If this happens to you, guess who decides your fate, you guessed it the self-regulated Tribal Counsel.

You will not see me at any Are indian casinos rigged casinos in the near future unless there is more oversight by the state, and they use Class III Machines. If you visit web page some information regarding any of this, please are indian casinos rigged me know because I would really like to get to the bottom of this so people can are indian casinos rigged the facts BEFORE they make a choice about what casino to play at.

Source Author wants this to be reblogged and spread around. Mark VMar 5, Feb 27, Likes: So how were you affected by the Indian accountability thing? Well, first big surprise is that: So, you will see Video Poker machines in the Indian Casinos, but they are slots and no skill is needed to play them. Skimpy Comps - Indian Casinos are known to be very skimpy when it comes to comps, are indian casinos rigged cashing out points. No Advantage Play - Indian Casinos ensure they keep the house edge with a shuffle card deep in the 6 or 8 shoe for Blackjack.

I have also heard that the card shuffling machines are holding up to 10 cards in the hoppers, this will greatly increase house edge. So, 52 cards goes in the machine but not all 52 are dealt in a game. No Rights - I personally know players who have been asked to leave the Indian Casino with no reason given.

When asked why, they are told they will get a letter in the mail and not to return. The letter they got said they are online casino ohne software from the casino for 6 months while their play is evaluated.

No follow up letter is ever received and after 6 months no letter or is sent to inform the player they can come back. It is generally determined by us players that the Indian Casino wants a "cooling down time" when a player is skilled or lucky and is on a winning streak. Several players I know are furious over this issue. Some players now don't are indian casinos rigged use the players card anymore because of the fear of getting the "go away letter" as above. There is no gaming commission that ensures that the games are fair and aren't tampered with.

Some Indian Casinos are on Tribal Reservations, and you are subjected to all the laws that the Tribe has created. AND, I have talked to a few Indian Casino dealers and employees on and off the casino site who flat out admitted that the players are not getting fair games and no real gambler should play in an Indian Casino. Now mostly this is about the Slots with the low return rates and table are indian casinos rigged where the casino can 'cheat'.

OK, are indian casinos rigged are people who play regularly at the Indian Casinos. I was one of them. I don't play nearly as frequently as I use to, but I still go from time are indian casinos rigged time. I are indian casinos rigged talk to the regulars who admit that there is no bankroll growth for them and that there are more down are indian casinos rigged than up days for them. Overall they call it 'entertainment' and have given up any notion of using the casino as a source of income.

The answer is Yes and No. You have to shop around for the casino that offers the games and players club that will give you your best shot at making money. Mar 5, Likes: However, There are days wherein you get a "Fair" Game. It's a little more complicated than that!!! Are indian casinos rigged won't go into detail, but if you think you can beat Biased dice by Strictly playing the Don'ts, you are in for a Huge Let Down. Stay away from Cherokee Casino. The last comp I received was a Spa Treatment for the wife Which she did take advantage of!!!!!

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Are indian casinos rigged: both slots and 21? | Yahoo Answers Are indian casinos rigged

Last week, on the steps of the Capitol building in Albany, New York, a group of public intellectuals and activist citizens took a sledgehammer to a casino slot machine to protest a are indian casinos rigged that would strip the New York Constitution of its ban on casino gambling in New York State. Despite the ban, there are casinos at nine race tracks throughout the state and five Native American casinos.

But protests are growing louder from many quarters, including from the Institute for American Values in New York City.

LaGuardia saw casino gambling as stealing from the poor to give to the rich. The machines have been rigged. The games are all rigged. You just go in and lose your money. The reason they exist at all is not because there is a big demand for them, but because the state wants them there. They give monopolistic privileges to these corporations. I would prefer games of gambling with maybe grand online casino skill involved where people have a chance to win.

There is no winning in casinos — they are just fleecing operations. Even though when you go there, you see the casinos. There are slot machines. You put your money in are indian casinos rigged slots. But they got some kind of ruling that said they are connected to the lottery. And since the lottery is legal in New York, then the casinos are legal because they are extensions of the lottery. They take advantage of mostly retirees, lower wage workers — the very people who can least afford to be contributing disproportionately to the tax load, the people are indian casinos rigged are attracted into these casinos and lose their money.

Not to mention the fact that between 35 percent and 55 percent of all casino money comes from problem gamblers — people who are seriously hurting themselves and others around them through are indian casinos rigged gambling. These are vulnerable people. The public health role of the state is to protect vulnerable people, not to just rip them off.

As a human being and as a political leader, he was most impressive. He served as mayor from to — three are indian casinos rigged. At that time, slot machines were the most popular form of gambling throughout the neighborhoods of New York.

At that time, they were illegal. Political leaders in New York have traditionally openly supported gambling even during periods when the gambling was illegal. This has been more common than not. It is flatly illegal right now to have casinos in New York. But we have them anyway. The politicians want the state to get the money. One time he said — we just do this for the money. Which by the way there is. His parents machine games for free shopkeepers.

And are indian casinos rigged grew up seeing the bookmakers. He said the bookmakers were the best dressed guys in the neighborhood. And he hated them. And he saw the damage they did. They were just taking advantage of others. He hated it and he said so plainly, over and over again.

When people hear family values, thrift, marriage, no casinos — they rightfully are indian casinos rigged conservative. But Blankenhorn is a liberal.

Our culture is deeply polarized. Everything gets run through this paradigm of polarization. You have to be either red or blue, left or right, liberal or conservative. You are supposed to pick your team and fight for the agenda of your team. All of that is deeply wrong. I have tried my best to oppose that. I have tried every way I can to not only avoid that way of thinking about it, but attacking it as deeply destructive.

I like people who are no longer in public life. I got to know the free slots Daniel Patrick Moynihan. I know LaGuardia did. He was a perfect embodiment of that kind of view.

But that was a different era.

Are Indian Casinos Helping Indigenous People or State Governments?

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