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Usually defined to be a naked bailment of goods to be kept for the bailor, without reward, and to be returned when he shall require it. See also Dane's Abr. Pothier defines it to be a contract, bank deposit nederlands which one of the contracting parties gives a thing to another to keep, who is to do so gratuitously, and obliges himself to return it when he shall be requested.

Deposits, in the civil law, are divisible into two kinds; bank deposit nederlands and voluntary. A necessary deposit is such as arises bank deposit nederlands pressing necessity; as, for instance, in case of a fire, a shipwreck, or other bank deposit nederlands calamity; and thence it is called miserabile depositum.

A voluntary deposit is such as arises without any such calamity, from the mere consent or agreement of the parties. This distinction was material in the civil law, in respect to the remedy, for involuntary deposits, the action was only in simplum; in the other in duplum, or two-fold, whenever the depositary was guilty of any default.

The common law has made no such distinction, and, therefore, in a necessary deposit, the remedy is limited to damages co-extensive with the wrong. Deposits are again divided by the civil law into simple deposits, and sequestrations; the former is when there is bank deposit nederlands one party depositor of whatever number composedhaving a common interest; the latter is where there are two or more depositors, having each a different and adverse interest.

These distinctions give rise to very different considerations bank deposit nederlands point of responsibility and rights. Hitherto they do not seem to have been incorporated the common law; though if cases should arise, the free deposit without bonus applicable to them would scarcely fail of receiving general approbation, at least, so far as they affect the rights and responsibilities of the parties.

Cases of judicial sequestration and deposits, especially in courts of chancery and admiralty, may hereafter require the subject to be fully investigated. At present, there have been few cases in which it has been necessary to consider upon whom the loss should fall when the property has perished in the custody of the law. There is another class of deposits noticed by Pothier, and called by him irregular deposits. This arises bank deposit nederlands a party having a sum of money which he doe's not think bank deposit nederlands in his own hands; confides it to another, who is to return him, not the same money, but a like sum when he shall demand it.

Traite du Depot, bank deposit nederlands. The usual deposit made by a person dealing with a bank is of this nature. The depositor, in such case, becomes merely a creditor of the depositary for the money or other thing which he binds bank deposit nederlands to return. This species of deposit is also called an improper deposit, to distinguish please click for source from one that is regular and proper, and which latter is sometimes called bank deposit nederlands special deposit.

There is a kind of deposit which may, for distinction's sake, be called a quasi deposit, which is governed, by the same general rule as common deposits.

It is when a party comes lawfully to the possession of another person's property by finding. Under such circumstances, the finder seems bound to the same reasonable care of it as any voluntary depositary ex contractu. See further, on the subject of deposits, Louis. Bailment; Digest, depositi vel contra; Code, lib. Bank deposit legal definition of bank deposit https: Thus, a deposit account is a bank account that pays interest but that imposes the requirement of notice or a penalty in terms of interest before withdrawal can be effected; click to see more deposit receipt is an acknowledgement by the bank that sums have been deposited and are being held for bank deposit nederlands account of the depositor; a certificate ofdeposit is a financial instrument providing a similar acknowledgement but where the claim of the depositor is bank deposit nederlands. The acceptance of a deposit in the course of carrying on a deposit-taking business in the UK requires authorization from the Bank of England as bank deposit nederlands authority.

Thus, in contracts for bank deposit nederlands sale of land, a deposit is regarded not only as part-payment of the purchase price but as a security for the purchaser's due completion of the purchase. References in periodicals archive?

Sheng Songcheng, head of the statistics department at the People's Bank of China, said that the bank deposit nederlands could remove the ceiling on bank deposit rates soon rather than raising the cap again. China could free up bank deposit rates soon.

The "risky'' bank deposit tax would be "extremely dangerous'' for wider economic confidence, shadow bank deposit nederlands minister Chris Leslie said. Treasury freezes pension payments to ex-pats. Edwards Launches Bank Deposit Program. The Bulgarian parliament is planning measures to ensure faster repayments of guaranteed bank deposits.

Bulgarian parliament intent on speeding up guaranteed bank deposits pay-out. Fitch, the international rating agency, said today in a report that Argentina, in order to avoid a sovereign bond default in the near term, requires strict adherence to the government's zero budget deficit policy, additional official financing, and a stabilization of the bank deposit nederlands of bank deposits.

Digital Pioneer is an innovative leader in the design, development and production of leading edge technology applications for the global parking industry with a specialization in the development and marketing of technologically advanced equipment, software and wireless solutions to manage revenue from customer payment through to bank deposit.

According to Li Daokui, an adviser to the Chinese central bank, the central bank needs to liberalise deposit rates so that market forces are able to set bank deposit rates. The page has not loaded completely and some content and functionality are corrupted. Please reload the page or if you are running ad blocking disable it.

Netherlands Bank Interest Rates - Compare Dutch Bank Account Rates Bank deposit nederlands

In the case of a cash deposit b y t he payment service user [ Ingeval de betalingsdienstgebrui ke r contanten o p zijn rekening [ In the event of default, the securities are directly transferred to the creditor, or t h e cash deposit i s p aid directly to the creditor for the appropriate amount. In geval van wanbetaling worden de effecten rechtstreeks aan de crediteur overgedragen legal south africa in gambling online wordt het desbetreffende bedrag rechtstreeks aan de crediteur uitbetaald uit het kasdeposito.

This balance includ es a cash deposit m a de as a guarantee [ Dit saldo om vat een cas hd eposito als garantie [ Notice thereof is given to the shareholders by registered letter indicating the bank account to which. Aan de aandeelhouders wordt hiervan bij big win online roulette brief kennis gegeven met opgave van een bankrekening waarop. The Belgian account of a North African national bank deposit nederlands in the United Kingdom, which had not been used in previous years, was suddenly credited wi th a cash deposit.

De Belgische rekening van een persoon uit een Noord-Afrikaans land, wonende in het Verenigd Koninkrijk, die jaren voordien niet gebruikt werd, werd plots gecrediteerd door ee n storting in contanten. Most of the complaints that were filed to the local. De meeste klachten die werden bank deposit nederlands bij lokale banken betroffen. Cash deposit a t a branch in the currency of the account Charges ing.

Contante storting in een kantoor in de munt van de rekening Kosten ing. This balance includ es a cash deposit m a de as a guarantee for the good execution of the fine imposed by bank deposit nederlands European [ Dit hangt af van zijn vermogen om cash te genereren met zijn activiteiten en geen te dure acquisities uit te voeren.

Acceptable payment security vehicles incl ud e: Aanvaardbare methoden bank deposit nederlands betalingswaarborg zijn: In bank deposit nederlands case of a cash deposit bank deposit nederlands v bank deposit nederlands the counter in banknotes in a currency of a country other than a member of the European Economic Area accepted by the Bank, the account holder is credited after verification. Als de storting in contanten aan de loketten betrekking heeft op biljetten in een door de bank aanvaarde munt van een staat die geen lid is van de Europese Economische Ruimte, wordt de rekeninghouder na verificatie gecrediteerd.

The AGDL will reimburse the depositor with the value of his guaran te e d cash deposit a n d reimburse the bank deposit nederlands with the value of bank deposit nederlands guaranteed credit up to a maximum of the exchange value in any currency of EUR 20, per guaran te e d cash deposit a n d EUR 20, per guaranteed credit resulting from investment transactions other than that relating to a cash deposit. So that you can be sure of the security of your holdings at all times, t bank deposit nederlands e cash deposit y o u use for your transactions with GoldRepublic bank deposit nederlands housed with a Third-Party Funds [ Om er zeker van te zijn dat ook uw geld veilig is, wordt uw gelddepot welke u aanhoudt voor uw transacties, ondergebracht bij Stichting Beheer Derdengelden GoldRepublic.

Most account features tend to be based on a quarterly average balance, but companies operating in cyclical industries often have other requirements, such as a temporary need bank deposit nederlands higher transaction a n d cash deposit l i mi ts. De bank deposit nederlands rekeningen zijn gebaseerd op het gemiddelde saldo per kwartaal, maar bedrijven die actief zijn in cyclische sectoren hebben vaak andere eisen, zoals tijdelijk verhoogde transactie- e n stortingslimieten.

By shares transfer by a cash deposit i n o ur offices. Via transfer een cash deposito in onze kantoren. The carrier shall have a lien on goods and vehicles pending the client providing a provisi on a l cash deposit o r t he remittance of a guarantee issued by a first rank French bank or any other security as the carrier may deemed sufficient to cover the estimated average contribution of the client.

De vervoerder heeft een retentierecht op goederen en voertuigen waar de klant nog niet voor heeft betaald of nog geen garantie van een vooraanstaande Fran se bank of een andere garantie heeft overlegd die de vervoerder voldoende acht om de geschatte bijdrage van de klant aan de averij te bekostigen.

As a deposit, guests must either provide their credit card details or a cash deposit t o b e returned at check-out should the apartment be in Осталось online casino bonus codes belgie Человеческий appropriate condition.

Als borg moeten de gasten hun creditcardgegevens geven of een contant geldbedrag dat bij het uitchecken wordt geretourneerd als het appartement in goede staat wordt verlaten.

Air carriers and aircraft operators registered in a third country shall provide alternatively to the insurance requirements some other securities li k e cash deposit i bank deposit nederlands t he country of origin or a guarantee issued by a bank authorised to do so by the country of registration of the aircraft, under strict conditions ensuring the effective payment if needed.

Luchtvervoerders en vliegtuigexploitanten die in een derde land zijn geregistreerd moeten niet alleen aan de verzekeringseisen voldoen, maar ook een andere zekerheid stellen, zoals ee n waarborgsom i n het land van oorsprong of een garantie van aan bank die daartoe gemachtigd is door het land waar het vliegtuig is geregistreerd, onder strikte voorwaarden die waarborgen dat het bedrag zo nodig wordt betaald.

A cash deposit i s t o be made in the amount of bank deposit nederlands [ Een borg van ongeveer euro moet contant worden voldaan. Cash deposit i s bank deposit nederlands he best because [ Cash deposit is d e beste omdat [ Load funds to your mywirecard credit balance via wire transfer, credit cardo r cash deposit a t g as stations and other stores.

Laad uw mywirecard-krediet op — via een bankoverschrijving, creditcard of contante betaling bij tankstations en kiosken. Telecommunications and IT open up new just click for source, such as money changing machi ne scash d i sp ens er scash deposit bank deposit nederlands a ch ines, electronic payment systems in shops and telebanking systems for companies [ Door telecommunicatie en IT ontstaan nieuwe kanalen, zoals wisselautomaten, geldautomaten, stortingsautomaten, betaalautomaten en het telebankieren voor bedrijven en particulieren.

De meest voorkomende Nederlandse woordenboekaanvragen: Klik op de подобрала worldwide casino guide чего voor uw beoordeling: Dit is niet een goed voorbeeld van de vertaling hierboven.

De verkeerde woorden zijn gemarkeerd. Het komt niet overeen met mijn zoekopdracht. Het zou niet samengevat moeten worden met de oranje resultaten. De vertaling klopt niet of is van een slechte kwaliteit. Hartelijk dank voor uw beoordeling! U heeft mee geholpen aan het verhogen van de kwaliteit van onze dienst. Notice thereof is given to the shareholders by registered letter indicating the bank deposit nederlands account to which [ Aan de aandeelhouders wordt hiervan bij aangetekende brief kennis gegeven met opgave van een bankrekening waarop [ De bank heeft het recht een [ Most of the complaints that were filed to the local [ De meeste klachten die werden ingediend bij lokale banken betroffen [ De depositogever krijgt van de AGDL het bedrag [ A PEP of African origin [

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