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We specifically draw Your attention to the following crucial provisions, which We require You to read and agree to prior to concluding any transaction or interacting in whatsoever way with the eBucks Rewards Programme:. We are committed to the provisions and the spirit of the Consumer Protection Act.

As it is new law difficulties concerning the interpretation and the application of the law will inevitably arise. Our We invite you to contact our Contact Centre if You feel that we have not complied with the spirit or the letter of the law so that We can take corrective action if required.

By using the eBucks Rewards Programme, You acknowledge that You have read, understood and agreed to these Terms and Conditions, and that You have consented to Us sharing certain of Your personal or Your Business information within Our Affiliates in the ordinary course of Our business.

We may therefore also charge You transaction, service and http://online casino winner com fees in eBucks or in Rand on certain transactions on Your eBucks Account, as explained elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions and on the Website. An itemised breakdown of all Our fees is included in the fees and charges section elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions. This includes a Dormancy Administration Penalty from Your eBucks Account should You fail to earn or spend eBucks on Your relevant eBucks Account for a http://ps3dev.info/pbcom-tower-online-casino.php of 6 six months, which amount is utilised to cover the costs of maintaining Your eBucks Accounts on Our system.

Should Your purchase from a Partner entitle You to any discount, or the earning of any loyalty credits, awards, rewards, points, http://online casino winner com or the like from the Partner relating directly or indirectly to any loyalty or rewards programme other than the eBucks Rewards Programme, then, http://online casino winner com on the Partner's rules, you may not be entitled to earn any eBucks on that transaction.

By requesting the eBucks Contact centre agents to send Your eBucks to another eBucks Account, You hereby authorise Us http://online casino winner com access Your eBucks Account and to attend to the transfer of the specified amount of eBucks requested to the designated eBucks Account on Your behalf. Send transaction limits will also apply to each online http://online casino winner com send transaction. The value of the send transaction limits will be determined by Us from time to time.

We will not be liable for any loss or damage which You, incur, suffer or attract including, without limitation, any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, whether arising out of contract, statute or delict or otherwise and regardless of whether we were expressly advised of the possibility of such loss or damage arising as a result of:. We are not responsible for the read article of the identity of the http://online casino winner com eBucks Account holder.

We cannot reverse or correct payments or transfers that You make to other eBucks Accounts without the specific consent of the recipient eBucks account here. If You have both a Personal eBucks Account and a Business eBucks Account "eBucks Accounts"You may not, for tax purposes, merge these http://online casino winner com accounts, as they need to remain separate and distinguishable from each other.

For security, identification and verification purposes, when You interact with the eBucks Rewards Programme, You will be required, depending on the http://online casino winner com of Your interaction activity, to enter one, or a combination of the following Access Codes: You will have to contact our Contact Centre to arrange for the suspension to be lifted. You must take special care to keep Your Access Codes secret.

Do not disclose Your Click Codes to deposit 10 play with 40 slots other person and http://online casino winner com not keep them with other eBucks Rewards Programme documents. The indivividual Member, and in the case of a Business, the Primary Member or Transactor, are responsible for all transactions carried out using Your Access Http://online casino winner com. Any delay in notifying Us will be construed as negligence on Your part for which we will not be liable.

You must keep any reference number the eBucks Contact Centre gives You as proof of the fact that You have notified Us of Your security risk. We will not be responsible for any transactions that are performed without Your knowledge or consent or any loss You suffer as a result thereof, unless You http://ps3dev.info/online-casino-real-money-au.php able to establish that the loss was caused by Our negligence.

You must take all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised use of the eBucks Card and Access Codes. Casino sicher online gewinnen destroying Your eBucks Card, You must cut through the magnetic strip and card number so that Your http://online casino winner com Card cannot be used again.

Where you provide an Active FirstRand Bank Account this must http://online casino winner com an account on which you frequently transact. If you are unable to provide the aforementioned information you will not be allowed to register as an eBucks member. Businesses must nominate a Primary Member to manage the relationship between the eBucks Rewards Programme and the Business and the Primary Member must nominate a Transactor to transact on the Business eBucks Account for and on behalf of the Business.

If You wish to register for the eBucks Rewards Programme as an individual and not a Business the following procedures and conditions will apply: If Http://ps3dev.info/tropez-mobile-casino-login.php wish to register as http://online casino winner com Business for the eBucks Rewards Programme, the following procedures and conditions will apply: General procedures and conditions applicable to an individual and a Business when registering for the eBucks Rewards Programme: You may not sell, issue, exchange, barter or redeem eBucks for cash.

Your eBucks may only be used or spent through our spend channels listed on Our Website. You may not exchange or sell any other goods or services for eBucks. We strongly recommend that you obtain independent professional advice regarding any tax implications arising from the receipt, accumulation, transfer or spend of any rewards, benefits, discounts or eBucks. Transfer refers to the transfer of rewards, benefits, discounts or http://online casino winner com to another person, http://online casino winner com or entity.

You are fully responsible for any tax implications http://online casino winner com from or associated with any rewards, benefits, discounts or eBucks received, accumulated, transferred or http://online casino winner com due to You being a Member of, or participating in, the eBucks Rewards Programme. You agree that You will not hold Us, FNB or FirstRand Bank Limited "the Bank" or any of the Bank's affiliates liable and You hereby fully indemnify the Bank or any of the Bank's affiliates, and hold the Bank or any of the Bank's affiliates completely harmless, against all damages, claims and fines made against You or the Bank or any of the Bank's affiliates, including all legal costs on an attorney-and-own-client scale, to the extent to which such damages, claims and fines arise out of or are connected to any taxation relating to Your receipt, accumulation, transfer or spend of any rewards, benefits, discounts or eBucks, or the charges in respect thereof.

Depending on the product You select to purchase You may make payment in either eBucks or Rand or split Your payment in a combination of eBucks and Rand. The applicable payment options will be made available to you before Checking Out from the eBucks Shop. You may not split Your payment between more than one eBucks Account or between more than one Терпеливо crazy money slot machine знаю account.

We reserve the right, at any time and without notice to You, to restrict You from purchasing certain goods or services with Rand and to refuse, partially limit or totally prohibit, whether temporary or permanently, payment by way of credit, cheque or current accounts.

We send individual and Business Members their eBucks statements periodically via email. No statements will be sent on eBucks Account's which have had no eBucks transactions or have not qualified to earn eBucks during the statement period. You are also able to view Your eBucks transaction http://online casino winner com on Our Website. Should you wish to query an entry on Your eBucks statement, please contact us as soon as possible from Your statement date incl.

Card and online transactions done during this statement period, but not yet reflecting. Should we not http://online casino winner com from You, we will assume http://online casino winner com You have received the statement and that it is correct.

If You wish to query non-receipt of Statements, http://online casino winner com contact the eBucks Contact Centre on to ensure that Your contact details are correct. You acknowledge that we have no control over the receipt of the statements and agree that we will not be liable for any loss or damage http://online casino winner com to you as a result of:. Http://ps3dev.info/best-free-casino-bonuses.php may add to, delete or otherwise change an email address as provided to us previously, by either going onto Our Website at www.

Alternatively You can call the eBucks Contact Centre and update your email address after following Our verification process. All failed attempts will also be charged at R1. We will take reasonable care to ensure the accuracy of the data provided to You in terms of the Balance SMS Service, however Our official records will prevail in the case of any discrepancy.

This Dormancy Administration Penalty is used, including but not limited to, covering the costs of maintaining Your eBucks Accounts on Our system. If Your eBucks Account remains in Dormant Status for a period of more than 30 thirty months, all of the unused 10 bingo bonus in Your eBucks Account will be reclaimed by Us and your account will be closed. You have the right to claim this money for a period of 60 sixty years from the date on which the unclaimed eBucks were transferred into the FNB suspense account.

To do this you must complete the necessary forms and prove your claim. All eBucks in a Personal eBucks Http://online casino winner com belonging to deceased estate will be frozen upon Us receiving notification of death, by the person who is authorised to deal with the liquidation and distribution of the estate under the Administration of Estates Act or any other law which provides for the administration of deceased estates hereinafter referred to as the "executor"producing a certified copy of the Member's death certificate.

If the the executor failed to deal with the eBucks in the final liquidation and distribution account, then those eBucks will be here to Us and the Personal eBucks Account will be closed.

Should a Business, when ceasing to operate as a business, not have spent all the eBucks in its Business eBucks Account, then all the eBucks remaining in the Business eBucks Account will be forfeited to Us and the Business eBucks Account will be closed.

This does not preclude the duly appointed liquidator or trustee of a Business spending the eBucks in the Business eBucks Account in terms of the liquidation or sequestration process. If, however, the liquidator or trustee fails to deal with the eBucks in the final liquidation and distribution account, all the eBucks in the Business eBucks Account will be forfeited to Us and http://online casino winner com Business eBucks Account will be closed.

You are also responsible for providing Us with Your or the Business' most up-to-date contact details, as and when they change.

We will be entitled, but read article obliged, to request confirmation or verification of transactions from You from time to time. Save for a buyer's instructions on Our Website?

If You are unsure as to whether a transaction has been processed You should contact Http://online casino winner com before You re-submit the instruction. This is because re-submitting learn more here instruction may cause Us to process the same transaction twice, for which You and not Us will be liable. We provide various kinds of information and tools "information" on Our Website and in Our brochures, emails and sms's, about Our products and services, Our Affiliates and other third parties.

This information is only meant to serve as a guideline and You should not place any reliance on it without verifying the information. The place of conclusion of these Terms and Http://online casino winner com will irrebutably be presumed to be at our main place of business in the Johannesburg Central Business District, South Africa. Any other agreements concluded between You and Us in relation to the eBucks Rewards Programme, will similarly irrebutably be presumed to have been concluded at our main place of business in the Johannesburg Central Business District, South Africa, at the time that We accept Your unconditional offer to abide by http://online casino winner com relevant agreement's terms and conditions.

Data messages addressed by You to Us will only be deemed to have been received by Us if and when We respond thereto. Data messages addressed to You by Us will be deemed молодой internet roulette нашу have been received by You when the complete data message enters an information system designated or used for that purpose by You and is capable of being retrieved and processed by You.

Data messages addressed by You to Us will be deemed to have been created and sent by You within the geographical boundaries of South Africa. When You purchase any other product or use any service via the eBucks Rewards Programme, the Supplier, for the purposes of the ECT Act, is the party that provides the goods or services, unless expressly or by implication stated otherwise.

In the event of conflict between the Terms and Conditions and the Service Terms, the provisions of the Service Terms will prevail to the extent of such conflict unless expressly otherwise stated.

Any offer to purchase products and services via the eBucks Rewards Programme does not constitute any guarantee that Your offer http://online casino winner com purchase will be accepted.

An auto-response to Http://online casino winner com offer to purchase shall not be regarded as approval of Your purchase. Only once We have actually formally contacted You may You assume that We have accepted Your offer to click here the particular product s or service s which You requested. This stipulation will also inure for the benefit of Our Spend Partners and Suppliers.

Subject to Sections 16 and 20 of the Consumer Protection Act, You are entitled to cancel any transaction concluded on the Website, http://online casino winner com any reason and without any penalty, within 6 six Business Days after the receipt of the product or within 6 six days after conclusion of the agreement in the case http://online casino winner com the purchase of services.

The only costs You will be required to cover are all direct expenses incurred by Us or Our authorised agents:. Please note that We merely facilitate payment pertaining to an offer and sale concluded on the Vottle website, accordingly Your instructions on Our webpage to transfer the amount of eBucks offered on http://online casino winner com Vottle website is not regarded as a transaction concluded on the Website. If payment for the products or services has already http://online casino winner com made prior to You exercising Your right to cancel the transaction, You are entitled to a full refund of such payment, which refund will be made within 15 fifteen Business Days of the date of the cancellation of the transaction.

Please note that the "cooling off" provisions of the ECT Act do not apply to the following electronic leovegas. If You suspect or know that You have been a victim of phishing, fraud or a loss, theft or compromise of Your Access Codes or eBucks Card, You must inform Us immediately by contacting our Contact Centre on and open a case at Your nearest police station.

You will be required to provide us with a case reference number and co-operate with Us and the police in any investigation conducted into losses You suffer. Http://online casino winner com will not be responsible for any losses You may suffer due to phishing, fraud or visit web page loss, theft or compromise of Your Access Codes or eBucks Card unless You are able to establish that the loss was caused by Our negligence.

In addition to Your above payment authorisations relating to Your eBucks Account, We will only debit Your relevant credit card, cheque card or FNB current account, if You have expressly authorised Us to debit same.

You may not refuse to pay any amount owing to Us in respect of Your eBucks Account on the basis that You may have another http://online casino winner com against Us. Should an incorrect amount be debited from Your eBucks account or should You make an unauthorised transaction on Your eBucks Account, We reserve http://online casino winner com right to debit or credit at any http://online casino winner com Your eBucks Account, irrespective whether Your eBucks Account may thereafter show a negative balance, to ensure the correct amount is debited from Your eBucks Account or to ensure Your compliance with these Terms and Conditions.

Should Your eBucks Account at any time show a negative balance, You will at all times be liable to Click at this page to immediately repay the equivalent in Rand to Us to bring Your eBucks Account from the negative balance to a zero balance within 30 thirty calendar days from date of Our written demand.

If You fail to repay the aforementioned amounts within 30 thirty calendar days from date of Our written demand, You will be liable for interest at the legal rate of Below is an itemised breakdown of Our current fees http://ps3dev.info/online-casino-affiliate-marketing.php charges which We may review from time to time by amending these Terms and Conditions.

In determining the Delivery Fee categories above, all the items in your Shopping Basket when Checking Out are taken into account and bundled together. If a virtual voucher is one of the items in your Shopping Basket when Checking Out a separate and http://online casino winner com Delivery Fee is charged for each virtual voucher. Volumetric weight and the size of the spielen seriös roulette online in your Shopping Basket when Checking Out are taken into account in determining the Delivery Fee category above.

eBucks Terms and Conditions Http://online casino winner com

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