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Book Page at Amazon. Below are supplementary historical notes explaining terms and references in the text. Each click here is preceded by the page number where the reference appears in the hardcover edition. Pistole was a French word for a gold coin of the 16th and 17th centuries, usually Spanish in origin. The leading European states liked to mint their own coins, but gold was hard for them to come by—except for Spain, who flooded Europe with gold from its possessions in the New World, making the Spanish escudo the de facto base currency of European trade for two centuries.

Cardinal Richelieu, whose brother jackpots in a flash been killed in a duel, had persuaded Louis XIII to declare dueling illegal, but that had done little to stop the practice, as by the Code Duello was deeply ingrained in the aristocratic psyche.

If a duel was conducted according to the accepted rules of honor, and efforts were made to keep the matter private, officers of the law would usually look the other way. They were incredibly prolific: Lope de Vega alone wrote some jackpots in a flash hundred plays. This venue was the first dedicated dramatic theatre built in Paris, opening inand for the next hundred years it jackpots in a flash the premier venue for French drama; every aspiring Parisan playwright hoped to see his work performed there.

Dumas link back-dated them a bit: The fictional young page of the Duc de Montmorency whom Moret borrows for jackpots in a flash of his adventures is named after one of the heroes of Amadis the Jackpots in a flash, a Spanish chivalric romance of the late medieval online gambling europe that was told and retold in many versions, rather like the English tales of King Arthur.

In translation, the stories were nearly as popular in France as in Spain. Secret passages are a staple jackpots in a flash the swashbuckling genre, and Dumas was as responsible for this as anyone.

And so he did: The incident in which Louis finally consummated his marriage to Anne is well attested. The Comte de Soissons fled…. Three treacherous Princes of the Blood. Well, probably not, at least so far click to see more we know—he was most likely in France throughout the jackpots in a flash referenced.

He certainly first met the Duchesse de Chevreuse in Paris in rather than in England in From the Renaissance onward, Swiss mercenaries served as royal jackpots in a flash in a number of European continue reading, most notably France and Spain. The Cents Suisse, or Hundred Swiss, were guards at the Louvre and other royal palaces such as Fontainebleau; at the time of The Red Sphinx there was also an entire regiment of Swiss mercenaries in service to the king, commanded by Marshal Bassompierre see the Historical Characters appendix.

They are remarkable paintings, just as powerful as Dumas says they are: A famous jackpots in a flash, referred to several times in course of The Red Sphinx.

After Bouteville first wounded the Comte de Pontgibaud, and then killed the Marquis de Http://, Cardinal Richelieu, whose own brother had died in a duel, persuaded Louis XIII in to decree death as the penalty for dueling.

Bouteville nonetheless continued to fight duels, killing the Comte de Thorigny in lateand wounding the Baron de la Frette in earlyafter which he fled to Brussels. Charles IV, Duc de Lorrainewas the ruler of an independent duchy situated strategically between France and the western German states of the Holy Roman Empire.

The decision would cost him his throne: Since medieval times, the Constable of France had been the chief officer of all the armies, senior to every other Marshal of France and reporting directly to the king.

The title was jackpots in a flash given out as a matter of pure patronage, as occurred when Louis XIII granted the Sword of the Constable to the Duc de Luynes, his first favorite, but more often it was bestowed upon nobles of high rank who had actual military talent and experience. Long after the crusades had ended the institution retained its name and function as a hospital for the blind and a center for the study of blindness.

It was also the work Pierre Corneille drew upon here his own Le Cid, his best-known play. A page for King Henri IV, jackpots in a flash was a courtier before he was a poet, and well known in the upper levels of French society. Richelieu was a famous cat-lover, and was often depicted in sentimental genre illustrations with a lapful of kittens. See also the jackpots in a flash to page He was reappointed to the position induring the Fronde, and held it until his death two years later.

In his youth he engaged in pro-Spanish intrigues against King Henri IV, was arrested, and spent eleven years in the Bastille. The massacre spread jackpots in a flash Paris to the provinces, resulting in the deaths of at least 5, Huguenots, and possibly many more than that—no one is quite sure of the total.

Her bullying ultimatum was interrupted by the unexpected appearance of Richelieu who, unbowed, reminded the king of his loyalty and accomplishments. Abashed, Louis withdrew to his lodge at Versailles, where that evening he summoned the cardinal to him, and unexpectedly chose to commit himself to Jackpots in a flash rather than to his mother.

Admiral Piet Hein was a sea captain and privateer who raided Spanish shipping on the behalf of the Dutch Republic a. In his flotilla intercepted and captured the annual Jackpots in a flash treasure fleet, sixteen ships loaded with silver, gold, and trade goods from the colonies, with estimated value of over eleven million guilders.

This was a serious jackpots in a flash to ongoing Spanish ambitions in Europe. It was an effective ploy, not least because Richelieu always made it clear that he meant it.

Her letters were widely copied and passed around among the French aristocracy, were collected after her death, and have never been out of print since.

After that he served as chamberlain to the Duc de Maine, and was jackpots in a flash elevated to the rank of Comte de Jussac. See note to page Jean Charlier de Gerson was a leading medieval French theologian who thought religious doctrine should be conveyed as clearly as possible.

His influential De Consolatione Theologiae had been republished in Paris inbut Baradas would have had a difficult time reading it to the king, as it was entirely in Latin. The poniard, or poignard, was a light fighting knife designed for click and parrying.

The imposing fortifications built by Charles-Emmanuel to block Susa Pass were just as Moret describes them to Richelieu, and the Duke of Savoy was justified in regarding them as impenetrable. Galileo Galilei was, in fact, teaching at the University of Padua during the time Dumas says Moret studied there, and could have taught Antoine de Bourbon the theory of heliocentrism and the Copernican system.

Jackpots in a flash was famously forced to abjure these theories in when threatened with torture by the Inquisition. Albrecht von Wallenstein was a Bohemian general in service to the Emperor Ferdinand. He was one of the most capable military leaders of the Thirty Years War, but also one jackpots in a flash the most ruthless, and troops under his command were responsible for countless atrocities.

Inafter becoming too powerful, Wallenstein was assassinated, with at least the tacit approval of the Emperor. Dumas refers to a drawing by the great Jacques Callothere reproduced on page Can there be any doubt but that he was one of the musketeers out front with the enfants perdus? Pinerolo, or as the French called it, Pignerol, was a fortress and sometimes prison on the border of France and Piedmont that had been traded back and forth between the two states for a century.

Though it figures as a fort in The Red Sphinx, it will reappear later in the Musketeers cycle, in The Man in the Iron Mask, in jackpots in a flash capacity as a prison. Should we attempt this by force, or by deception? Pinerolo article source to French forces on March 22,and was returned to France for good by treaty the following year. The Countess Matilda was invented by Dumas to give Moret a means of romancing his way into the fortress.

As Richelieu hoped, the two would meet again, as Mazarin would spend the next couple of months shuttling back forth between the cardinal and Savoy, acting as envoy and negotiator, and giving Richelieu plenty of time to take his measure. The other, led by the king…. The king and cardinal, with additional troops, were headed south by way of Lyon. The accounts that portray Moret as having survived the Battle of Castelnaudary often more info an officer named Bideran, or Biteran, who claimed to be the one who shot Moret and saw him carried away wounded from the field.

Gaston made his way south toward Languedoc and his ally Montmorency, hoping to raise the jackpots in a flash of rebellion along the way, but found few adherents. Actually, Moret was already with Prince Gaston on that date, and had been for some time, jackpots in a flash even as far back as June, when Gaston crossed the border into France.

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