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Попросила online casino business franchise ведь are people whose lives are spent crossing back and forth between Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and even Guangzhou. Even children, going to school online gambling illegal hong kong day, cross early in the morning, normally about 7: I hope this will serve as a reference you can return to. I will also try my best to regularly update this post as I learn more and others contribute their tips and tricks.

If you have tips or fixes to this post, please comment so we can keep this as a community resource! Looking to setup in Hong Kong while visiting?

Check out our extensive article source free! Hong Kong company registration guide here. Then you probably will download and use Wechat app! We recommend you add us globalfromasia and then online gambling illegal hong kong us to join our Wechat group all about border crossing — for real time help!

Scan the QR code below to add us. Scan the QR code to add us. Download as a PDF! Tons of people are visiting China for the first time during the Canton Fair and other product sourcing trade shows in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. Add our team on wechat — globalfromasia — and let us help you get transportation you need! China was the first country I had entered into where I needed a visa — normally a US passport is pretty powerful. You also need to decide if you will apply for a tourist or business visa.

I have never applied for a tourist visa; I just wanted to vegas online casino download the slightly higher fee to be on a business visa to avoid any issues.

Hong Kong does count as leaving China to get your exit stamp and you can then re-enter Mainland China by land border to Shenzhen or flying back in.

You will just have to wait in the international terminal until your flight to Hong Kong or anywhere outside of Mainland China destination.

Please use the comment section below. But remember, we are writing this article as a free service to help travelers and do not have a full time agency online gambling illegal hong kong help with these kinds of cross-border travel questions.

The time to this web page it and the passports they current accept changes often. I strongly suggest applying for a Chinese visa in advance to streamline the process.

You can apply in Hong Kong at a travel agency see our blog post on getting a China visa or online gambling illegal hong kong you are still in your online gambling illegal hong kong country. A hot and online gambling illegal hong kong topic is — how can I get a visa on arrival. This is only possible at the Luo Ho border control point. You will leave Hong Kong border, and then go to the 2nd floor on the China border side to apply. David tried to confirm if he could get a visa on arrival online gambling illegal hong kong flying to Hong kong.

He asked the Austrian embassy, but they said the policy click the following article always changing. He also asked in Hong Kong airport, and they said it is always changing. So short answer — it is a hit or miss. It is a balance of world politics and emotions it seems. I met Suzie from StringStory. She was able to get the visa on arrival no problem with her Australian passport — at Huanggang border.

I even got a short video clip. Are you a regular border hopping nomad or business owner? In August the Chinese government has allowed foreigners to get an e-channel. Think that is you? Then read our full e-channel guide here. You will be able to go to the special Hong Kong resident line rather than the visitor line—often saving a ton of time entering into Hong Kong Note: Update on Oct 27, from reader Lainy: I believe the counter is open till It took me five minutes to get mine, and it is well worth it!!

I only had to prove I entered HK several times over the past online gambling illegal hong kong, which I had done from the SZ border and not from the airport.

I applied for it and was approved. It has greatly improved my border crossing time! So thankful for source who left a comment about this so online gambling illegal hong kong. Wondering when the best time to cross is? From our findings, I cross the border pretty early in the morning. I like to wake up early anyway, but it is also to avoid the longer lines of commuters.

I advise trying to get to the border before 7: The second best time is late at night, after 9 pm. This is because the business commuters and tourists have mostly gone through already. A note about Mainland Chinese tourists: I have also had some luck crossing in mid-afternoon or lunch time, but it can be hit or miss, and read article it is too dangerous for me to risk it as there could be some tour bus schedule that I am not aware of.

Well, I would still say it depends on where in Shenzhen you live — as the city is such a wide place that online gambling illegal hong kong could take up to an hour to get to various borders.

Therefore, take transit time to each border into account. In my opinion, the best border for foreigners is Huanggang Border. It is an old border, but they have separate lines for foreigners — when leaving China. But the worst part is you need to take a online gambling illegal hong kong in between the China and Hong Kong borders, making the trip slower and more inconvenient.

Yet, on the way from China into Hong Kong, the Hong Kong side online gambling illegal hong kong Mainland Chinese with other foreigners — so the line can be crazy long. The big trick is avoiding tour groups for shopping. Get behind a couple of those buses and we are talking up to an hour wait. September — a reader let us know about a mobile app from the Hong Kong government. And then Online gambling illegal hong kong found the new?

There are some obvious times to avoid crossing the border at all costs. This would be rush hours in the mornings and evenings. Rush hour mornings start at about 8: It is also hard to calculate precisely because of Mainland China tourists and shoppers who may be taking a day trip. It seems like the whole weekend is a bad time to cross the border. I am writing this on a Sunday morning, online gambling illegal hong kong last night I crossed into Mainland China at Not too bad, but for Weekends online gambling illegal hong kong unpredictable, but Saturday morning please click for source a huge one to avoid unless you are going there well before 8 am.

I went at 7: Want to see how I live this regular border hopping lifestyle? Read a day in the life of a border crossing pro. You can cross the border by pretty much any transportation method known to man. Of course the more convenient and easiest way is the subway system. The subways on both sides do not run 24 hours a day. The MTR opens at 6 am and and closes at about midnight depends which lines, but as a general rule of thumb aim for 11 pm to be safe.

Borders learn more here have MTR access: It varies on which stop, but generally about 25 to 35 HKD. There are so many buses it is hard to cover them all here. These are similar to Greyhound buses in the USA. They are pretty comfortable and newer buses with capacity for about 40 people. They have numbers and signs on them with staff standing in front of the bus ready to collect your ticket.

You need to buy the ticket at a ticket booth; they do not accept cash at the bus. For the most part, the majority of buses go to Shenzhen Bay and Huanggang borders as they do not have subway stations. Online gambling illegal hong kong seems the city planners are trying to even out the clusters of people. You need to buy coach tickets on the China side, they will not let you buy them after crossing the border into Hong Kong. Here are a few common spots I go to catch the coach to Shenzhen:.

Cost of a Coach to and from Hong Kong: This is a common one I take: But the nice thing about this ferry is you will always get a seat, and the border line is limited to this boat and maybe a couple othersso the line is never too outrageous.

Scroll down to the Shekou Ferry Terminal section for the full details on this one. For the super baller! I have this one on my bucket list for sure—and I have seen Instagram photos online casino singapore instant withdrawal videos of it from friends.

And if you fly at night nice!

Online gambling illegal hong kong

The Gambling Ordinance was enacted in to regulated link in Hong Kong. Social gambling is still allowed. The Hong Kong Rewards card player 2013 restricts organized gambling to a few regulated outlets. The government created the Gambling Ordinance to rein in excessive gambling while still providing gambling to the populace.

The Online gambling illegal hong kong Kong Jockey Club holds a government-granted monopoly on horse races, football matches, and lotteries.

Hong Kong has charities which have a goal to promoting responsible gambling practices among those who gamble and to minimizing the negative effects of problem gambling.

Such charities also look for a balance between meeting the demand for gambling and maximizing the social and economic benefits of gambling for the community, while helping to minimize potential harm to individuals and the community. During the World Cuppolice arrested 25 people for having an illegal gambling ring that took bets on World Cup matches worth more than 66 million Hong Kong dollars.

Earlier in the year the Hong Kong police set up a task force to help stop illegal football gambling. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved online gambling illegal hong kong June Hong Kong Jockey Club. Retrieved 24 May Asia Pacific News, Retrieved from http: Retrieved from " https: Gambling in Hong Kong Gambling in China. Views Source Edit View history.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 13 Juneat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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